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The world is quickly becoming a smaller place and you must be fast to keep up with the pace.
Some 30 years ago there was almost no email, internet, mobile phones. If we wanted to send a message, we needed to write a letter or if urgent, a telex or telefax.

Satellite TV was just at the beginning and news was delivered very slowly via low resolution television.
Now almost everyone is online and future wars can be done by a click of the mouse.

The world is moving faster and faster. And we are trying to catch up.
We can be tracked electronically everywhere we go and people rarely talk to each face to face or orally, when text messaging is simpler and faster.
Those who canít keep up the pace, will many times feel themselves left behind.
Yes the world is small place and we get emotionally more and more desensitized by horrific pictures online or on the television news.

Could we think 30 years ago that there would be suicide bombers of 15-17 years old? That young students would kill their classmates at high school?

That someone just stepped into a cinema and started to shoot down innocence people? What happened with the young generation? Why are they prepared to die young?
Why is the suicide rate so much higher than letís say 10 years ago?
What is going on in the mind of young people?
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